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Clarity - Commitment - Healing - Results

We all have a history. The question is:

are you allowing your history to decide your future, 
or are you using the present as a spring board to the life of your dreams?  

As a Licensed Therapist, I recognize that traumatic and challenging experiences in the past must be addressed delicately and conscientiously.  As a Coach, I can support you in various domains.  I will work with you to create a life or work plan, help you see your blind spots and develop the tools to create results.  

The combination of therapeutic insight and coaching perspective will support you in living from your commitment instead of your circumstances. 

  • Face to face individual sessions
  • Face to face couple's sessions

  • Telephone consultations

  • Family and Group sessions

Todos los servicios disponibles en español.    

Coaching and Therapy: Services
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