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S.T.A.N.D. With Me / eSTANDo Conmigo

Children 0-5 are the highest percentage of children in Protective Custody Nationally. Despite the staggering numbers and our current understanding of how young children benefit from stability, predictability and consistency, we continue to move children between placements based on universal policies and legal timelines instead of attending to their individual and developmental needs. This tool, and the accompanying training, offer guiding principles for child welfare, mental health and others to consider: Safety, Trauma, Attachment, Neurobiology and Development in placement planning and advocating for young children who are transitioning into a new placement or returning home after being in kinship or foster placement. 

Consideration of the relevant questions, along with anticipatory guidance for the new caregiver and the identification of supportive services should lead to improved communication between caregivers, reduced time in care and fewer placement disruptions.

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STAND with Me/ eSTANDo conmigo


Because successful TRANSITIONS are the first step to permanency.

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